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Many women go their entire lives knowing very little about their bleeding menstrual cycle.

On average, a woman bleeds 7 years of her life.

It is time to lay down the taboo surrounding such a holy gift humanity has. The gift of a bleeding womb! 


It is THE BLEEDING CYCLE that allows a soul to develop a human body. What is more holy and sacred than that? 


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Some of the goodness you are about to learn. 


What are the phases of the  menstrual cycle?


Which glands operate all those hormones?

You have eight distinct phases in your cycle, which I find captivating. Interestingly, the moon also has eight phases, symbolizing femininity in all mystical traditions. Remarkably, the moon even resembles an egg! You are on the verge of discovering all of them.

 If you're like many individuals, you might not have detailed knowledge about any of this.  You're about to gain a deeper understanding of the glands and hormones that orchestrate the rhythm of your cycle, empowering you with knowledge about your body's natural functions.


What is physically contributing to the shift of emotions?

Hormones significantly influence bodily changes that affect your emotions. It's fascinating to comprehend why you might feel fatigued, rather than assuming there's something wrong with you. Understanding the reasons behind feeling slightly edgy and adjusting your life during periods of tiredness is invaluable.


When is the body physically guided to enjoy intimacy?

Understanding your cycle or your partner's can greatly enhance intimacy in a relationship. Organize date nights and quality time when she's most receptive to affection. Be mindful that she is often most fertile  when she's most eager. Embrace various methods to express passion beyond intercourse and unleash your creativity together. 

We could talk for hours about the sacred womb and her cycles. For now, I have put together the very basics around a woman's cycle at the physical level, which will be less than a 5-7 minute read in a BEAUTIFUL layout.


This is to learn the VERY BASICS of what is happening at the PHYSICAL level in a woman's body, which influences many of her EMOTIONAL changes during her cycle.


There is so much ancient wisdom held within the wombs of women. When I began to develop a deep and profound relationship with my womb and her bleeding phase, something magical began to awaken within me. This extraordinary relationship is taking me to new heights of bliss, passion, pleasure, prosperity, peace, and creativity. It is my great prayer and mission that we end the taboo around the sacred, holy center that BLEEDS for new life! It is the opposite of being dirty, tainted, or embarrassed about.


When asking women what they know about their cycle, the response is almost always the same. Very little to nothing, except they know they don't like it and hate getting their period. VERY little is understood about it. AND THAT IS CRAZY!


When you get to know your cycle, and honor your body based on which phase of the cycle you are in, you may be surprised to discover that BLEEDING, 🩸 and even your PMS, can become something you cherish versus something you dislike or hate.


We dislike it because we are at war with our own bodies when we are not honoring the deep needs of the womb based on her phase.


To hate your bleeding phase is to hate a part of yourself! That is what has happened for women. We have been conditioned to not like this part of us. That is approximately 7 plus years of disliking thyself. Add in the Premenstrual phase, and you are well over 10 years of HATRED for what allows you to create new life! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!


A huge part of disdain for this aspect of ourselves is because we do not understand it at the physical, emotional, spiritual, or mystical levels. We have absolutely been conditioned to have hate and shame for the womb. Even in many sacred texts and traditions people lean on to connect to the Divine, we are conditioned to have shame and hatred for the womb.


When traveling in Asia, I was told if I was bleeding I could not enter Holy Temple Sites because I was dirty and impure at that time. Needless to say, I didn't listen!


According to some texts, if you have a womb you must be a virgin, pure enough for God to find you worthy, unless you have been handed off to a man in God's eyes. Had sex outside of marriage and not a virgin? Well then, you are a whore and need demons pulled out of you. This is what we are conditioned to believe at the collective level.


We are talking CENTURIES of indoctrination around the womb that has us feeling hatred and shame for having and using the womb for what it is designed for. LOVE, PLEASURE, AND CREATION!


We have been conditioned to feel shame around pleasure and to hate our natural female functions of our body that grow and nourish human life! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


We have also been pumped up with so many hormone-altering substances and we certainly are not encouraged to make rituals for ourselves based on physical and emotional needs.


For those interested, I will be sharing many rituals that have made the most sensitive and physically draining part of my cycle, a time of the month I once dreaded, into a time I can not wait for every 28 days!


I roll the red carpet out for my red blood! Ha, just ask my husband how elaborate I am with celebrating the miracle happening within me when my red juices start flowing!




I find it fascinating how my husband is so drawn to me in such a beautiful nurturing way when I am deeply honoring myself. IT IS LIKE CLOCKWORK!


Ladies, do not worry if your men do not catch on to this wisdom at first. Trust me, they catch the womb wisdom love by osmosis. ;-)


To know yourself and what you can do for yourself to thrive, and then give that to yourself, dramatically elevates every area of your life. You become magnetic. You alter your surroundings and your relationships. This is actually quantum physics!


If you are a man and seek TRUE intimacy and insanely good timing of getting the green light for entry into the holy grail that is the moist 💧 dark womb, this info is for you too!


Men, to know your woman's cycle is VERY helpful. You can greatly increase your love life when you are in a relationship with your woman's emotions that are massively directed by her womb phases! After all, the womb is where you men crave to be! Get to know the womb better and everyone experiences more pleasure. 🌹


And ladies, your womb wants to be in an intimate relationship with YOU!

Ladies, how would you feel if your partner talked to you how you talk to your womb, especially when she is bloated? My point exactly...


I now cherish the bloat and any cramps. Learning the language of the womb is truly life-changing. PMS is also dramatically reduced or completely eliminated when we are not resisting what our womb and body are asking for and quite frankly, needing. NEED isn't a word I use often, but we legit NEED to STOP resisting our bodies' natural cycle’s request. Get into a FLOW with her!


I believe extreme PMS is because we are MASSIVELY NOT LISTENING to the Goddess within. And she hates being ignored!!!!


It is time to listen to the sacred ancient wisdom of the womb. YOU CAN TRUST HER!


I also track moon cycles, which also delivers so much wisdom. The moon phases mirror the female cycle. You can look forward to more of that goodness for those who REALLY WANNA DIVE DEEP WITH ANCIENT WOMB WISDOM.


But for now, let's just start with the basics of what is going on physically in the body that is causing so many emotions, sensations, and sexual desire, or lack thereof.


My heart aches when women in their 40s talk about how ready they are to be done with their cycle. They haven't had the chance to LOVE a huge part of themselves. I'm hoping to bleed into my 60s and beyond. I would be happy to bleed for life now. But not that long ago, I dreaded it! I was disconnected. I am now reconnected and I pray you get reconnected too!




Even if you are postmenopausal, there is always time to fall back in love with the womb. You can always offer yourself womb rituals AT ANY TIME.


This offer is completely FREE because I am on a mission to bring us back to the ancient wisdom of the womb. My intention is for these insights to open your eyes to the miracle your womb is taking you through and the POWER and WISDOM she offers you.

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I have also included a slightly different version for teenage girls on the download page that replaces sexual desire with understanding natural feelings that may be arising. A woman who bleeds is never too young to learn about what is happening in her body! 



It is pure holy and sacred to bleed! 

May your return to the ancient wisdom of the womb be  joyful.


I cannot think of anything better than truly loving who we are. And when we TRULY love ALL of ourselves, we begin to align with more peace and abundance without DOING ANYTHING. It is simply from BEING an embodiment of more love.

To love thyself is to unlock the secret to living Heaven on Earth.

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